Miami Juice  - Menu - Pizza & Burgers

{Play}Miami Juice - Menu - Pizza & Burgers Miami Juice - Menu - Pizza & Burgers - PDF Version

{Play}Cheese pizza, $7.95, (with red sauce and cheese on a whole-wheat pita crust).

{Play}Cheese pizza with soy cheese, $8.95.

{Play}Vegetarian pizza, $10.95, (mushrooms, red, yellow and orange sweet peppers, broccoli, green olives, red sauce and cheese on a whole-wheat pita crust) [some olives may have pits].

{Play}Vegetarian pizza with soy cheese, $11.95.

{Play}Sun-dried tomato pizza, $14.95, (arugula, broccoli, onion, red sauce and soy cheese on a whole-wheat pita crust).

{Play}Issac’s special, $12.95, (a delicious middle eastern dish made with feta cheese, onion, basil, tomato, avocado, imported black and green olives on a special middle eastern seasoned flatbread topped with sesame seeds) [some olives may have pits].

{Play}Issac’s special with grilled chicken, $17.95.

{Play}Miami Juice® cheeseburger, $8.95, (veggie burger grilled and served on pita bread or whole-grain bun with onion, tomato and melted cheese).

{Play}With soy cheese, $9.95.

{Play}Bud’s organic turkey burger, $9.95, (lettuce, tomato and onion on organic whole-grain bun).

{Play}Bud’s organic turkey burger with cheese, $10.95.

{Play}Bud’s organic turkey burger with soy cheese, $11.95.

{Play}Our chicken is 100% organic. All substitutions will be charged á la carte. For parties of 5 or more an 18% gratuity will be added to your check.

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