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Miami Juice - Menu - Sandwiches Miami Juice - Menu - Sandwiches - PDF Version

{Play}Sandwiches include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red, yellow and orange sweet peppers, mushrooms, carrots, avocado, sprouts and red and green cabbage served on white or whole-wheat pita excludes (mozzarella caprese, organic peanut butter & sarah’s berry berry peanut butter sandwiches)

{Play}White-meat albacore tuna salad $9.95

{Play}Zero-fat tuna $8.95

{Play}Tuna salad melt $10.95

{Play}Tuna salad melt with soy cheese $11.95

{Play}Zero-fat tuna melt $8.95

{Play}Zero-fat tuna melt with soy cheese $9.95

{Play}Grilled chicken $11.95

{Play}Kosher grilled chicken $13.95

{Play}Chicken salad $11.95

{Play}Chicken salad melt $12.95

{Play}Chicken salad melt with soy cheese $13.95

{Play}White turkey breast $9.95 [98% fat-free smoked turkey breast]

{Play}Mixed veggie $5.95

{Play}Avocado $7.95

{Play}Falafel $8.95

{Play}Hummus $6.95

{Play}Tabbouleh $5.95

{Play}Falafel and hummus $9.95

{Play}Falafel and tabbouleh $9.95

{Play}Falafel, hummus and tabbouleh $9.95

{Play}Hummus and tabbouleh $7.95

{Play}Hummus and sun-dried tomatoes $8.95

{Play}Monterey jack cheese $6.95

{Play}Soy cheese $8.95

{Play}Babaganoush [eggplant salad] $8.95

{Play}Mozzarella caprese (tomato, imported black and green olives, lettuce, basil, zahatar seasoning, organic olive oil and mozzarella cheese [some olives may have pits]) $8.95

{Play}Organic peanut butter ((banana, apple and honey served on organic seven-grain bread) $8.95

{Play}Sara’s berry berry peanut butter sandwich (organic peanut butter and almond butter with fresh berries on pita bread) $11.95

{Play}Our chicken is 100% organic

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